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28th July 2004

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#1 16 years ago

heylo ppl im a vetran player lookin for a new clan. i would preferably like a squad leader postition in a clan that is up and running and has matches and such. i got good experience and can do well when leading a small group of men. i was in the past with ztc (only for a bit thou) and cof and other small clans. and im want to play with a clan again


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8th January 2005

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#2 16 years ago

hey -=[T.T.W]=- is recuriting our website is www.ttwclan.net and we have 3 game servers and have a teamspeak server feel free to stop by them the ips r on the website and my xfire is cptchunky



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17th October 2004

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#3 16 years ago

Contact Me! AIM- GunMac16 Xfire- subzero830


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31st October 2004

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#4 16 years ago

[:Ā¢i:] is looking for a few members to fill in our last roster spots. We are specifically looking for highly active members with a mic. We dont ask much as part of our requirements to increase eligibility of players to join our clan. All gamers are welcome to visit our website and apply to join or to challenge us. We are currently involved in TWL League. Thanks for looking here.

Website: www.cisquad.com Xfire: Slain01 msn: [email="slain_ci@hotmail.com"]slain_ci@hotmail.com[/email] Aim: AlchemyX01 Server Reg CoD: Ventrilo: Available to members only


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28th December 2004

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#5 16 years ago

[color=royalblue]Hey there....[/color] [color=royalblue][/color] [color=royalblue]TeamAFP would like to extend to you, an invitation to check us out. We have a couple of spots still opening, and are looking for good, team oreiented players...[/color] [color=royalblue][/color] [color=royalblue]You can find out about TeamAFP at [/color][color=red]WWW.TEAMAFP.COM[/color][color=royalblue] or... feel free to email me at [/color][email="Darkshadow@TeamAFP.Com"][color=red]Darkshadow@TeamAFP.Com[/color][/email][color=royalblue] or grab me on X..[/color] [color=royalblue][/color] [color=royalblue]Lets talk![/color] [color=royalblue][/color] [color=royalblue]Dark[/color]


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#6 16 years ago


We are a new clan and are currently searching for new members. We have a MOHAA and CODuo server, and we are looking into putting a Halo, MOHPA,and BFV server on as well. Must be 16 years old. Any skill level is excepted. We just like to have fun, and that is what we do!!! We meet as a clan every Weds & Sat night for practices and clan scrims, during those times we close the servers down and make it private for members only to enjoy. We play FFA, TDM, OBJ or whatever the members select for the night. We also have an OPS team, and player points system for interclan challenges. We strive to give back to the members what they put in.

Please come visit us at www.moveclan.net

-[MOVE]-PFC.Fcat -[MOVE]- Clan www.moveclan.net [email="pfc_fcat@moveclan.net"]pfc_fcat@moveclan.net[/email]