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27th June 2005

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#1 14 years ago

Ive been looking for a good clan for awhile. Ive done some test runs with clans and im not very pleased. So i am here. I am 14(cant really pay for a server or do any donations)if that does cause a problem then i dont what to do. I do realize most clans do want people to donate but i just cant considering i have been a victim of some scams. I play CODUO and im a pretty good rifle men at it. I mainly play CTF and i mainly play on a server called TWZ or ~Tomorrowz Weaponz~.If you do want to see me play go to there. I play under the name as Duvack, and i love squad based play. contact me by PM email or xfire(ltgenwaters, [EMAIL="snailnip92@hotmail.com"]snailnip92@hotmail.com[/EMAIL]). I do like clans that follow a chain of command also. I dont like big clans. Im more of a fan of smaller clans around 15-20 people organized in ranks and squads.


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19th December 2005

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#2 14 years ago

Add me on Xfire, mikedoras. We share alot of loves, Squad Based play and all of that stuff. 32nd IR is an infant clan, with no server or anything yet, but we've got a good 8 devoted members, an organised tactical enviroment, and we're striving in CoD2 and CoD, even though 2 is the most frequently played on as of late. Talk to me on Xfire, I'll give you all the details.