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19th March 2004

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#1 16 years ago

I don't spend enough time here

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28th December 2004

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#2 16 years ago

[color=royalblue]We would be interested to talk with you... Hit me up...[/color]

[color=royalblue]MSN: [/color][email="Darkshadow73@msn.com"][color=royalblue]Darkshadow73@msn.com[/color][/email] [color=royalblue]XFire: Darkshadow73[/color]

[color=royalblue]Or... stop by our website ... [/color][color=royalblue]WWW.TEAMAFP.COM[/color]


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8th December 2004

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#3 16 years ago

Feel free to stop by www.bohclan.com. Give us a look and test our new server (see next thread). If you are a good fit we will consider you for recruitment.

Kind Regards, DrpKckMrphy aka Mrph-DaDdY


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#4 16 years ago

hey im a sgt in the 17th airborne. come check out our site at http://www.17thairborne.tk we have games once a week and we are based on realism. if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me. my AOL is WingleBeast or just post somthign on our forums


-BW- Command

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29th December 2004

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#5 16 years ago

I am the Founder and Head Commander for CoD with BloodWorks we would love to see you on teamspeak! see u soon

-BW- Actively Recruiting

#1 We want to have FUN!!

#2 We are Looking for Mature Recruits (18+) with a desire for teamwork, dedication, and winning!

We currently compete in the TWL Americas Army 2v2 Objective and 4v4 SF and CoD:UO 2v2 Rifles Divisions! http://www.teamwarfare.com/viewteam.asp?team=Blood+Works

Things to look into!!

* Register with the Site and Check out the Forums


* Check out our Enlistment Requirements and ByLaws


* Join us on TeamSpeak


* Send in your Application


CoD Official Server

AA Official Server

For AA Player our aaotracker http://aaotracker.4players.de/clanprofile.php?clanid=10825

email -BW-Renegade with any questions [email]admin@bwclan.net[/email]

contact -BW-Renegade @

xfire - bwrenegade msn - [email]admin@bwclan.net[/email]