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#1 14 years ago
[COLOR=black]The 82nd Airborne Tactical Realism Clan[/COLOR]
The 82ndAB Tactical Realism Clan is recruiting. We're a clan that strifes on tactics in Call of Duty UO with realistic weapon acuracy and damage along with squad tactics. Were looking for players that are mature and can pay clan dues ( $6 dollars U.S. a month). We have an ever growing European branch going and like to see some more European players so that they can have their' own division. We currently have two public servers both 32 slot servers. The first being an AWE/Hibrid server Ip is, our newest server has GFM/WRM on it and its Ip is (it might not have many on it since we just got it up and running a couple days ago). We will be switching one of our servers to Call of Duty2 when it comes out. We use Teamspeak to communicate with each other Ip. for it is password is Airborne which is case sensitive. For those interested in joining us please visit our website and post in our forums at http://www.the82ndab.com