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23rd May 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hello all, just letting the public know that we are recruiting new members at the moment and age doesn't matter that much with us. This is because we have just set up a juniour section within the clan. We have noticed that there are plenty of young guns out there wanting to be part of a clan but are getting knocked back where ever they go, so we have thought we had to step in and give them a chance. The age limit is 13+ and we have a guy who recruits then another guy who takes care of the juniour side of things. Our clan is based on fun and try not to be too serious, as yet we have not got anything sorted in the sense of ladders, leagues and what have you but we will be moving into those areas soon - the clan is only a month old but we have training once a week and try to have a match arranged with another clan at least once a week too. If anyone of any age is interested - get in touch with MagicPants by putting his contact id in your msn messenger and tell him Gamesgenius sent you, he will give you the lowdown on joining the clan and will get the ball rolling - his contact is [email="georgiemagicpants@hotmail.com"]georgiemagicpants@hotmail.com[/email] . Everyone is welcome to visit us at www.nwo-clan.org.uk and our server ip is we also have Teamspeak 2 which is public access - just pop along to the server and a clan member will give you the ip and password details. Till we meet on the battlefield :cya: <[nWo]>Gamesgenius