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4th September 2008

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#1 14 years ago

Anyone want to make a clan with me for cod:uo ? if u do add me on msn or xfire MSN [email=""][/email] XFIRE raven8000


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8th April 2004

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#2 14 years ago

for CoD or CoD UO ?


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17th December 2004

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#3 14 years ago

If you guys are looking to start a clan, we have one already established but is only 2 months old and we are still settin it up. We are looking for dedicated players such as yourself. Join, and in no time you will be a ranking officer. Reply, email me at [email=""][/email], or stop by our site at Look forward to hearing from ya.


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#4 14 years ago

Yeah, i am interested i added u on xfire and msn.


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30th December 2004

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#5 14 years ago

i have a established clan starting COD:uo and need a commander to run it xfire me bwrenegade also visit our site at