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#1 13 years ago

Check out the website Here Ok, new server up in Call of duty united offensive. I will also say The {MH}Clan are currently recruting, Some members will may get rcon\admin access! IP : Ok here`s the rules Alrighty soldiers, there are a few stipulations that you will need to follow in order to play on our server. They are the most basic and no-brainer rules out there, but some still seem to forget. In their interest as well as yours, we will repeat the rules here, and only hope that you will follow them. Here is the list, with the respective punishement:

  • Teamkilling Is NOT allowed! (This is when FF is on) -Punishment for TKing: 1st warning, 2nd Kick, 3rd 2 week ban.
  • Swearing is not tolerated beyond simple swear words. -Punishment for swearing: 1st warning. 2nd Kick. 3rd 2 week ban.
  • Admin Disrespect is TOTALLY UN-TOLERATED. I need to say it once, and once only. If you disrespect an admin, or dis-obey these rules, they can and will ban you. No buts about it. If you try to whine your way out, you will be banned for even longer.

Yeah and we got now some admins but we still need more. Your admins and members (As of right now) are as follows:

  • {MH}Janh95(Admin)
  • {MH}Sgthaarde(Admin)
  • {MH}Jonny Rocket Fingers(Admin)
  • {MH}your_mom
  • {MH}Azoreus
  • {MH}Dragon(Admin)
  • {MH}GangZter.
  • {MH}Shadow(Admin)
  • {MH}Funny Bone

Hope we get a bunch more now, since i posted it here!;P "(Yeah i know, there`s alot of teamkillers for the time. But mostly banned fast. We will maybe ask youplayers to be admin and get rcon for helping us to keep the server clean for hackers and teamkillers.)" So, obey those rules, and you have nothing to worry about! Thank you! Now join us today soldier! Enjoy


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#2 13 years ago

woot modders hell