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#1 16 years ago

I Am one of the founders of ~)MM(~ and would just like to let everyone out there that we are recruiting! For the most part the team is in their late 20's/ early 30's and we all get along pretty good. we strive on team excellence. We are about to hit up TWL in the next week or two, We have are own TDM COD 22 slot Server( )or our 16 slot rifle server ( along with a public TS server and a private Ventrilo server. MASTERS of MAYHEM Team members for the most part are just a bunch of guys having a good time, However, when placed upon the battlefield, we come together completely as a team and our individuality is long forgotten. We consider dedication and morals a very high priority! We believe solely in the positive aspects of the gaming experience; whereas a loss in a match is usually considered a very negative thing to most, we take in the information we derived from the match and use it to our advantage. Every action within these games holds within it a great deal of things to learn. We pay attention to these details in every aspect and use them as tools for improvement,not just as individuals but as a team. We mostly play just to have fun, but we also consider this serious business when it is time to prove our worth as a team. To some of our players this is more than just a game and we do respect them for their dedication. We respect the fact that diversity among people is to be expected but we also expect anyone entering our server or website to realize that most of our clan members are very patriotic and would take offense at be patronized.... This set aside, we are an extremely easy going, fun bunch of players that love to game. If your interested in joining our team, Come visit our site and fill out an app! And most definitley, Come join us on our server! You had better be wearin' your gameface!!! Visit Us On The Web @ http://mayhemremastered.aowc.net Look forward to fraggin witchya!!! buttrock.gif