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#1 13 years ago

NETFORCE is not exactly new and it already has several members. It is a fine CoD:UO clan that comes along with ... - 3 servers: PB active, 2 shared gameservers, 1 netforce exclusive root server: Rhinevalley 24 / 7, changing gametypes Clanserver, stock map rotation A-la-Carte custom map server, AWE Extreme RCX, currently airport maps (fast redirect download, U can get Extreme as zipped download on w w w.n f 4 7.o r g if U wanna avoid 8 big files to download on connect) - 1 TS server, 100 public slots - a fine website, still under construction, but an advanced concept running state-of-the-art flash animations (hit button "cigar concept" at w w w.n f 4 7.o r g) - a forum to talk and apply (hit button "forum" at w w w.n f 4 7.o r g) What do we look for? Members, esp. those who can design maps on greyradiant. Others are welcome, too. Regular visitors on our public servers. We appreciate a friendly community especially on our new custom map server. Have fun !!!!