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20th February 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Howdy We at the [color=red][[/color]BBC[color=blue]][/color] are relatively new to clan life, we are small in numbers but BIG in HEART. We have our own server running CoD UO AWE 2.11 (plantable tripwires, remote detonation you more options on the battlefield) We are a mature bunch with an average age of 40, with some of our offspring jumping in from time to time, we DO have one of those 'lame' (as someone put it) free websites as i have no HLMT (LOL) knowledge, WE are gamers NOT computer programmers!! You will find us approachable & likeable, don't for one minute think we are 'noobs' we're serious when it comes to battle (WE PWN @ BASE) if you are looking for a full on clan with ladder matches, ranks, ppl dishing out orders, then we are NOT 4u...however if you like the idea of teamwork & having a laugh on Teamspeak - with the odd scrim thrown in against other 'friendly' clans then you need to drop by our site & forums @ btw Membership is & always will be FREE we don't want your coin, we dont want to play GOD with ya either - we just enjoy seeing our Tags at the top of the leader boards (which is most times) and friendly scrims (a few lined up!) if we are not 4u, good look in your search, either way drop by our server & see first hand what we are about. IP we play 5 BAS & 1 S&D We are UK based - your PING will determine your application, NOT your nationality - over 30's ONLY please. curry2hot aka [color=red][[/color]BBC[color=blue]][/color]Camper :D