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26th May 2005

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#1 14 years ago

Hello Guys and Girls, I'm not new to codfiles (Just so you know) :) Anyway, I recently just left my clan simply because it was falling a part. And as a pro gamer that has been in alot of clans and have alot of experience in mostly anything computer realated I was wondering if there are any Pro gamers (as myself) out there that are willing to make a pro clan? Now I know it's alot of work and all but I,m willing to do it! But it's alot easier if you would have some help :) Now what kind of clan and what direction I want to go with this? -All I want is a Cool, good, mature and respective clan that will be playing in alot of pro leagues,tournaments and lans. And to have fun when we aren't in matches. -I can get the website with no problem, teamspeak or vent with no problem but a server might be. Thats why I am looking for other people like me if they would want to try and do something like this -I would like to be a multi gaming clan. -Everyone that will be in the clan will be treated equally (Except Admins will have more power as usual) -And if this does works out I could make us supported by big gaming companies (like i said above I have experience and know alot) :) So if anyone is *Willing* to try and work with me to make this clan realised that would be very grateful of you!. You can reach me at [email=""][/email] or [email=""][/email] My xfire is: skillionair Again thank you very much. -Help is appreciated!!!