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#1 16 years ago

Hello All , First we are a new Clan mostly made up of former members of different Clans. We Dont compete in TWL or CAL as of now but we are a Group of Gamers that Play for the fun and friendship . 1. Our Clan Name is {CAP} Server IP - E-Mail [email=""][/email] - X-Fire Name moto450 3.We are looking for Good People that like to hang and play CODUO we run AWEUO Mods and Custom maps, our Server is a 24 Player server.. 4. You Need Team Speak and X-Fire Is Helpful too. 5.If you want to Join the Clan Just stop by our Forums or just stop by and play a few rounds. We are a Very Friendly group and would like for you just to stop by and say hi :D come by and play and hang with us, as you dont need to join to play with us. We Just Like The Game . Cya on the server dont be afraid to say Hello to any of us thanks. Moto.............