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#1 14 years ago

Hello All,

My name is Iroc some of you may know me from [BCB] but I have recently decided to take on the task of forming my own TWL competition clan{USMR} or U.S.Marine Raiders. The 3 things I will ask of my players are: 1.Make Practice!! I dont care if everyone we recruit is a sharpshooter, without practice as a team and tactics we lose everytime. 2. Please make sure to stay active on the forums, first that's a quick way to start meeting your teammates and the best way to be informed of scrims, practices or other changes. 3. Be respectful and helpful towards your team mates, nothing will kill a clan faster or alienate new players than the "I'm God's gift to COD, and everyone else sucks!!" attitude. If that's yours check it at the door or look for another clan. We'll do much better if learning from one another is encouraged. If these 3 things suit you please contact me via email at [email=""][/email] or xfire = bcbiroc . You can visit our site at: please keep in mind it's still partially under may also visit our gameserver at

Thanks for the time guys, and hope to see some of ya signup.