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#1 13 years ago

[NIA!] No Idiots Allowed! NEW UO CLAN RECRUITING Are you tired of lame clans and game servers? Tired of watching f*tards take over servers night after night! Tired of having to buy new games because your clan keeps switching to the game of month! Well, SO AM I….. Hence the new clan [NIA!] No Idiots Allowed! I am looking for mature, dedicated gamers who play CODUO on a regular basis and like a “relaxed realism” style of play. By “relaxed realism” I mean a style of game play that prohibits annoying activity such as bunny hopping, pee pee dancing, run and gunning, but still allows people to have fun and enjoy the game without going to the extreme of most realism servers and realism clans. A website and forums are in the works (I currently have one that is being used for another clan, I will get the [NIA!] site up as soon as I can get the other clan off my web space and onto another server). A game server is in the works as well. I am planning on a 22-slot server on a reliable host (same provider my current clan uses which been good so far). I will get [NIA!] started with the server, but will expect some $ assistance in the form of donations with the continuing costs. I would like to limit the clan to about 20 members who are willing to play on a regular basis. The ideal member would be a mature gamer who enjoys a tactical style of play and likes a variety of game modes and maps. The ideal member would have a good attitude and represent the clan well in scrims, matches, and on other servers. The ideal member would also be willing to play a couple of times a week and assist in monitoring the server to keep it idiot free I will update this thread when the [NIA!] site is up. For now, please contact me via PM or E-mail [email="niaclan@comcast.net"]niaclan@comcast.net[/email] to express interest in joining [NIA!]