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#1 14 years ago

Hello all, i am jarhead i am a recruiter for pure x. Pure x is a new clan, we will be in cal and twl. We currantly have 4 members, we are a jr clan so we only accept ages 12 to 17 mayber lower. We only play cod not uo. We are working on are site as we speak sry. Also we use ventrilo, you can download it at www.ventrilo.com , we also have a server, so were set to go just need members. ~Recruirements~ 1. xfire 2. ventrilo ip- voice.clanservers.com port-9957 3. mic. 4. must be 12 to 17 of age. You can reach me at these things. Xfire- zzero23 Msn- [email="danielkubow@coxnet.com"]danielkubow@coxnet.com[/email] Aim- codman180 Email- [email="nnjarhead23@hotmai.com"]nnjarhead23@hotmai.com[/email] Also the 5th member will not need a try out. So join now and if you are the 5th member you do not need a try out. But after that we will be giving tryouts. Also we wont be a very big clan maybe only up to 12 max. This way every one gets some playing time.


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#2 14 years ago

Hey Jarhead I would like to join your clan I have a mic, X fire, mainly play on COD, I'm 16 and I will download that Ventrilo I have emailed you with more info :nodding: