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#1 13 years ago

Hello, First off let me tell you about our clan it is brand new...sorta, it was created 3 years ago on SOF2 and hasnt been used since so Ive decided to try and recreate my old clan because I had got out of first person shooter games and join a real shooting game, the army but i miss it and want to try to start it up so were just getting off the ground but already have a awebsite(still working on it) and two servers and a teamspeak server, we run on version 1.0 for cod2. {Rangers} CoD2 Recruting Officers- Well disciplined and highly motivated players needed, we have a few openings in this brand new clan for some leadership responsibiities. The Rangers clan is a military based clan and follows the chain of command. We have actually paid officers in the past that are hard working and help out the clan. While I cant afford to pay much but a few extra dollars in your pocket always helps. We currently have two servers for our clan, a 10player recruitment server and a 10player private server for our members and for tournaments. If you interested or want to know more please email me at [email]rangerkeim@aol.com[/email]

Recrutiing Soldiers- Little to no experience needed this clan is based on helping our weakest players become stonger gamers. While a serious clan we also have fun. You are not required to be at every practice or every game, we all work its understandable, but in order to advance in rank who ever is in charge of you must recommend it so showing up a little helps. We have done clan battles in the past for money and or prizes and share them equally with everyone who participates in the clan war, im sure we can arange some sort of prizes when you participate in a clan war and win. If your interested in trying out email me at [email]rangerkeim@aol.com[/email].