[SAF] Looking for Mature and Dedicated players for COD:UO -1 reply

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#1 14 years ago

[SAF] is now recruiting for COD:UO. We are currently in TWL and are top fifteen in CTF. We have also just started playing Rifle Only CTF and S and D 6v6(Classic). We are a very mature clan that uses a military style ranking system. We are generally looking for people that can make practice and show up on match days. We have around 15 active members in SAF right now and we would like to increase the size of SAF so that we can have a good amount of players in the clan when COD2 comes out. If anyone is interested in joining SAF please go to saf.shrapnet.com and post in the forums saying you would like to join. You will be further instructed from there. If you are not interested in joining but would like to play with some good COD:UO players just stop by our server. Server IP-

Thanks, [SAF]_1stSgt_Jackson