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7th April 2004

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Greetings, Soldier: Soldiers in Christ is a Christian gaming clan, searching the net for fellow Christians and people who wish to play in a clean, fun online community without the profanity found in many other gaming clans. We have been in existence for over 1 year now, and had our anniversary last month. Currently, we have 25 active members, and are continuing to grow in size. We're about to go through a major expansion phase, as we plan to expand into other gaming divisions, including Battlefield 2 and World of Warcraft. We have one official practice a week, and on Monday nights, we have "Kinship" time, where we read and discuss a small section of God's word, and have a bit of fellowship together as a community. Following, many of us get into our games, whether it be CoDUO or WoW. Also, we frequently schedule scrimmages, or "scrims" with other clans, which we take seriously (some of our members plan strategies w/ flash video). As a form of communication, we require all members to have TeamSpeak + a microphone. We also recommend players to have the gaming IM'ing program, X-Fire. Are you at all interested? To join, head on over to SoldiersInChrist.com, and fill out the application form by clicking the link in the main menu "Join SiC." We should give you feedback within 48 hours max on recruit information. ***THIS IS IMPORTANT*** All members of all rank (except recruits) are required to pay a monthly fee of $5, which goes into our server fund. No - our leaders don't use this money for gas money or taking their family out to dinner, lol - every penny goes to our server fund to keep this community going. All our members are very close, and we consider ourselves more of a family, rather than a clan. We hope to shoot 'ya soon! In His Service, Lt. U-nity ************************ Server Information (IP addresses): CoDUO TeamSpeak Kinship study every Monday @ 9:30PM Est