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19th September 2004

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#1 14 years ago

[color=Blue]Are you looking for a place to play without the hassle of clan recruitment?[/color] [color=Red]Do you like to play for fun and enjoy modded servers?[/color] [color=Green]Well then we have the place for you! SL4Y3r C0rp0r4t10n CuSt0mZ is a new kind of way to play CoD. The server runs VS-UK TotalWar 2.4beta3, the newest version of this incredible mod. [/color] Features: [color=Red]Parachute[/color] Upon Entering. [color=Red]NO[/color] Minefields. Drop Weapon! Mortars and [color=Red]Planes[/color] [color=Red]that[/color] [color=Red]crash[/color] and stay! [color=Red]Mobile MG42[/color]'s. Player Injury Effects Pain sounds, Helmets Pop Off & [color=Red]Bleeding[/color]!:runaway: 50% Chance Of [color=Red]Fog :dropsjaw: [/color] These are all on SL4Y3r C0rp0r4t10n CuSt0mZ Server! We are just a community that is all about fun and moddage. Not looking to recruit you, just to let you enjoy! We are run on donations and if we get enough donations we are going to start a second server with other mods on it that the public can enjoy. As soon as we develop a site, I will post that link on here, but until then come and play! The server ip is Also add me to your xfire list my s/n is xivheadhunter! Add our server to your favorites as well on xfire! Hope you enjoy! SL4Y3rC0rp:smokin: