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#1 13 years ago

Us at {Sn][per} would like to announce a new league for those who are tired of pure leagues using a fantastic mod created by {Sn][per}Shadowlord. For more info please go to (league site) or go to our parent site. The mod is getting rave reviews from others clans or groups and requested we start something so we did.....We guarentee Satisfaction! Here is a small list of the changes! There are more!! Feature List: - Reduced kick in weapons while aiming down the sight (thanks to {Sn][per}TexasKid) - Zero sway in sniper scopes + 3x zoom - Rechamber sniper scopes while looking through scopes - Slightly increased rate of fire for MP44 and MP40 - Realistic damages for infintry weapons - Modified anit-tank projectiles (Thanks to MPSH-SW-Weapons Mod) + Increased power + 100% accuracy - Slightly decreased bolt action times - Changed LMG ammos + 150 round clips + 600 rounds total - Modified FlameThrower - with a special wav file...smilie.gif + Increased power 10 fold --> approx 3 second kill time + Reduced max ammo to 300 instead of 500 + Tank will explode if shot in the chest or stomach - Modified British weapon loadout selection + Added M1A1 Carbine + Replaced Sten with Silenced Sten Much much more {Sn][per}Sir-Hannibal....Admin