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13th June 2006

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#1 16 years ago

:) Semper Fi Soldiers! :)

I am {SOAR}Skreef of Special. Operations. Aviation. Regiment. I am here recruiting for new clan members. We play Call Of Duty / United Offensive and Battlefield Vietnam, we have 30+ current members (about 25 of whom are active!) and are looking to add more people to our ranks!

:) What {SOAR} has to offer: (just a small taste!!) :)

We have our own servers! (we have 4 at the moment) We have our own Teamspeak server We have an active website and forum We have a ranking system within the clan We have an age limit for the clan which is 18 (but exceptions can be made!) Our members are friendly and will always look out for each other We have regular training & qualification exercises. (We will train u to play better!) We play other clans in scrimmages on a regular basis. Our clan is allied to over 5 other clans the last reason is the best one! Our forum has an off duty bar! :wink:

;) Find us here ;) http://www.soar-clan.com

Anyway enough chin wagging "your in or your not"! Check us out and don't worry about the age of this message we are always recruiting! If ya like what you see and fancy joining up tell em Skreef sent ya!! ;)