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#1 16 years ago

Divisions include CoD, Battlefield: Vietnam, CS:S, Halo, and Halo 2 for Xbox. http://www.tbraiders.com TBR is now recruiting in all divisions.

Who do we want?

Division Leaders - Manage their division and be responsible for recruiting worthy members. Each division leader is also responsible for meeting with the other leaders to discuss the present and future events of the clan. This division leaders will also be required to discuss and create a name for their division with the members. Each division will have a name under the umbrella of TBR.

Members - You will be recruited by the division leaders of each individual clan. You will participate in practice, often gaming, and tournaments. We need members willing and wanting to improve their skills to push TBR to a respectable level.

Moderators - If you do not want to participate in a division or the clan itself, you may ask to become a forum moderator. This is a very respectable position and you will have the ability to edit obscene posts and topics. You will be responsible for keeping the forum clean of flaming nubs and safe for innocent eyes.

If interested, please PM myself or any of the other division leaders to be considered for any of the positions. However, please talk to the Halo division leader if you want to be considered for that division. Do not ask the Call of Duty division leader for a member position in the Halo division.

Thank you for your time. We hope to be seeing you under the TBR name in the near future. Please visit http://www.tbraiders.com for more information and to register for our forums and participate in clan discussions.