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30th December 2003

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#1 14 years ago

^DOM^, Ditry Old Men, is Recruiting. We have been around full time for more than 4 years. Our competitive back ground is T1, T2, COD, BF:V, BF:42, COD:UO and T:V. We now play competitively only T:V and COD:UO. We are recruiting for COD:UO.

We seek only 18+ year old players who seek a mature and fun team to play with. We prioritize team work, sportsmanship, and having fun. Maturity is a must, we do not want any "one man armies". No asshats please.

We provide; a professionally hosted server allowing us to host whatever games we want at any time. A well maintained Website at A hosted Teamspeak server, FTP account, and a base of good people.

Although you will be expected to attend practice and matches we are lienient with attendance. If a significant reason like, family, work, church, whatever comes up you will be excused. However, we do expect to have dedicated members.

If interested please go to and hit the "Join Us" link. Please fill a bit of info about yourself and include your e-mail if you do not register with the forum before posting.