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28th September 2003

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#1 14 years ago

We are currently recruiting a few players for United Offensive. We have a gameserver ordered for United Offensive and it should be up within a few days or so.

We are looking for 16+ players who are living within North America. We have players all across the United States and Canada. We are usually looking for a more dedicated and mature players with a decent skill level. We will be competeting for United Offensive in a few weeks as we were successfull in regular Call Of Duty. We have around 20 members now all 16+, ages range from 16 to 44 so everyone can fit in. We know how to have fun but we maintain a serious attitude to matches and practices.

If your looking for a mature and dedicated Call Of Duty clan Team ZeRo could be for you. Come visit our website at

If your interested in recruitment register on the forums, following the instructions in the Recruiting Hangout Forum and post your info. Please give us at least 24 hours to contact you and we will set up a tryout and trial period.

Hope to hear from you! Team ZeRo "Never Too Far"


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21st June 2004

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#2 14 years ago

sites not wotkin