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#1 16 years ago

Hello all, The [4ID] is now recruiting new and veteran players of CoD:UO. We are a new clan that is forming and already has a server, we also already have Ventrilo which is a voice chat like Team Speak. The [4ID] is based on tactical realism.....which means if you cant do it in real life then we are not for you. We do not believe in the hole RnG'ing, jumping from extreme hights, and playing rambo......We believe in realistic team play....we are not here just to run around and shoot at the enemy to get the hightest points, we are here to win as a team. Enlistment Requirements: Must be 16+ years of age Must have or download Ventilo (voive chat, download on our site) Must be a team player Must be whiling to play realistically and tactically Must be whiling to play on realism servers (much like the one we have) If you are interested please join us on our server at or visit us at and post your interest!!!