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tawbanner6os.gif Fight Large. Live Large. TAW TAW = The Art of Warfare -- "Artists of the battlefield" TAW is a very large, organized and highly structured multi-gaming community. Our principles uphold our own beliefs regarding the growing community of networked men and women. We play to win, but we believe strongly in the development both in-game and personally of all our members. Our divisions divide only game titles, as a member of TAW you are a part of a family that extends beyond simply gaming. Our rank structure is paramilitary [Marine Corp], and our leaders are mature and seasoned military and civilian officers. TAW ranks are drawn from a great pool of dedicated and talented gamers, ranging in age and experience from 15 to 69. As a community of gaming minded individuals we are constantly evolving our focus to adapt to the changing global gaming community. We are able to accomplish this constant transformation by allowing our membership to guide us with its insight, and propel us with its talents. We operate a large and expansive internet home site located at . Instant messaging systems, our forums and email redirection allow our members to easily communicate. Teamspeak however is our primary communications device. With Teamspeak we conduct in game tactical maneuvers, and out of game official and personal conversations. Each division also supports one or more game servers, giving our players and the gaming community a secure and friendly environment to enjoy their favorite simulation on. For more information, or to apply immediately for your favorite simulation, just click: Apply: More information on TAW: Currently Supported Divisions · Delta Force · Call of Duty · Joint Operations · Brothers In Arms · Ghost Recon · Raven Shield · Air Combat · SWAT4 · Battlefield1942 · Battlefield Vietnam · Codename Panzers · FarCry · Star Wars · Half Life