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The <1st> Rangers is always looking for new members and we believe that good people are integral to the success of any organization. Before you post interest, let me tell you a little about the <1st> Rangers: We are a Professional gaming group that has been around nearly 5 years. I say we are a Professional group because that is what most of us are - We have normal jobs, family obligations (many of us are married, with kids as well) and other interests besides just fragging. However, we enjoy and appreciate the time we have to frag with our friends or just hang out and shoot the bull. We constantly give each other loads of crap - this is who we are. Its nothing personal, we just like to have fun, and we're all close friends. Though we are primarily a Call of Duty: United Offensive Clan, many of us play other games as well, such as World of Warcraft, Brothers in Arms, and at times, we'll even pull out the old Medal of Honor: Allied Assault or even Command and Conquer, and even played some online poker. Our current members range in age from 17 – 55, with most of us being between the ages of 25 - 35. The <1st> competes in a variety of ladders and competitions, and new members will have the opportunity to be included as well. Does the <1st> sound like a group you would like to be a part of? If so, please answer the following questions: 1. Do you like to have fun? 2. Do you enjoy stiff competition? 3. Do you have a microphone and Team Speak? (or can you obtain them quickly?) 4. Can you play several hours a week? 5. Do you enjoy a team environment? 6. Are you over the age of 17? 7. If you are 17, are you mature enough to hang with a group of old guys? If you answered “Yes” to all of the following you have passed Phase 1 of the interview process. Please continue with the next set of questions. 1. Do you like to create or enjoy perpetuating Drama? 2. Have you ever Cheated or associated with known Cheaters? 3. Do you talk excessively and never listen? 4. Are you easily offended? 5. Are you currently a member of another Clan? If you answered “Yes” to any of the Questions in Phase 2, please hang up and try and try again. The <1st> Rangers are not for you. As far as qualifications go, that is about it. If this sounds appealing to you, please post on our forums and tell us a little about yourself. Your first name, game name, age, where you live and why you would like to join should be sufficient. Everyone is always welcome to stop by our Team Speak and get acquainted. CoD:UO Server - /connect TeamSpeak Server - - password: 1strangers See you there!! <1st>2lt.UnderratedFool Email: [email=""][/email] Website: