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Hi everyone I am an admin of the =TLI= clan, We are a Call of Duty United Offensive Clan based in the UK running a 10 and a 20 man server with mod’s, custom and standard maps. At present we are playing Death match. Like all Clans we are Recruiting. So what is so different about this Clan that would make you want to join us? Well we are a small Band of Brothers playing our favourite game within an organised clan. We encourage all to get involved with the running of the clan and most decisions are made as a team. This is an opportunity for you to help run a clan. You are not required to contribute to the up keep though this is always helpful. We are looking for new members of all ages and abilities. If you’re new to UO or a veteran to the game you are more than welcome to join us. We hope to start getting involved in a team ladder match shortly. Our website is www.telfordlightinfantry.co.uk (You can register here) Or you can contact [EMAIL="Telfordlightinfantry@hotmail.co.uk"]Telfordlightinfantry@hotmail.co.uk[/EMAIL] Leave your tag (nickname) Real Name Country Age (there is no restriction but we need to know if you are under 15yrs) Fav weapon Fav Map A picture would be nice for your online Id Our server ip's are 10 man AWE 2.1 server : 20 man server :