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#1 16 years ago

[color=blue]Hi Guys, cya.gif [color=blue]This might interest Most CoD clans smilie.gif [/color] [color=blue]"[color=red]Klanwars[/color]" [/color] [color=blue]New unrestricted COD league now open, Prizes to be won.Check us out at [/color][/color][color=darkorange][/color][color=blue][color=darkorange]m[/color] or conntact [color=red]Mkoll [/color]on xfire [/color][color=red]muttley0035 [/color][color=blue]for more info[/color]

[color=yellow]*If you like a challenge get your clan involved in[color=yellow]*[/color] [/color][color=black]"Klanwars"[/color] Dea[DZ]one 3StyLe