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15th October 2004

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Hello all, and let me start off by saying thank you for checking this post out. My name is Tyler and I am one of the Head Officers of a clan by the name of Total Devastation or .:[TxD]:. Our web site is located at please check it out and register for our forums. Any way, here is our thing, and the reason why I am posting this thread. The clan was started by me, T[+]XIC last year in Febuary. We have been a great and popular clan for a long time, until recently when we had some bad apples, that soon effected other good members. We whent threw a tuff time, and we evan lost some of our most beloved members, and Ray that one was for you buddy! We are here looking for some new, fresh faces to help bring us back around for the 05 season. We are up for anything, maybe evan a clan merge. We have teamspeak and a server, they are located here: Call of Duty Server IP Call of Duty: UO Server IP Teamspeak Server IP Any ways, please join our forums and come play with us. For more info please post here or contact me. MSN - [email][/email] EMail - [email][/email] AIM - Dovesniper711 Thanks for listening to my post fellow members, have a good day!