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13th August 2002

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#1 16 years ago

UBA Clan is looking for even more players, current full time membership is at 35. We now want to grow to a much larger level

SO if you fancy joining a long time well established clan with its own Dedicated Server pop a long and have a look

UBA Clan Main Page

Recruitment Form

We currently play , coduo, mohaa (Top of two ladders), joint ops(Recently Joined a ladder), americas army , css, nascar2 , operation flash point .

We will be playing Band of brothers if its any good when it comes out in feb , and maybe even battlefield2 in march


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#2 12 years ago

i would like to join uba. im a decent sniper, i can usualy nail hog gunners at 5x. i also have some expierience as a tactician and hope to prove myself and be promoted. if proof of my skills is needed i have beaten several uba members in single combat recently,and am available for testing any time. my screenname is PK G O D should you see fit to contact me.