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7th November 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Website- http://www.unitedfed.org Application- http://unitedfed.org/index.php?page=application Forums- http://www.unitedfed.org/vB/index.php

Current Divisions: Battlefield (1942, 2, Vietnam) Call of Duty (UO not required) Counter-Strike (also source) Multi-Game

Why not join the United Federation? There are many reasons to join:

* Increased skills within game. * Challenging you to be dedicated and to defeat new opponents. * Support with technical problems with your computer. * Creating friendships around the entire world. * Upgraded forum account to have more access to our gaming community. * Access to dedicated servers (Battlefield, Counter-Strike, Freelancer, TeamSpeak and many more). * Ability to earn awards and promotions in rank from a professional structure.

The best part of joining is that all these features above are FREE of charge for joining us today! Become one of the elite online players today and Enlist Today!

The following software is required to join the United Federation. Please make sure you have all the programs listed below installed. GameSpy Arcade (http://www.gamespyarcade.com) MSN Messenger (http://messenger.msn.com) XFire (http://www.xfire.com)

On the application there is a section where you put a sponser/recruiter. Put Pickle there as that is who I am and that is how you found out about the United Federation.

Contact Information: Email- [EMAIL="Nawert@comcast.net"]Nawert@comcast.net[/EMAIL] Xfire- ufpickle AIM- Nawert01 MSN- [EMAIL="Nawert@comcast.net"]Nawert@comcast.net[/EMAIL]