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#1 13 years ago

Hello all, My name is Tonya. Smileygirl AKA Ratgirl in play. I hope this is for UOCOD too. We just put up our server, forum and ventrilo for our clan. My bf and I are officially in it along with my 10 yr old son and my bf friend. I was in a clan for over a year and we decided it was our time to have our own server. I talk to most of my xclan buddies so it wasn't a bad leave. They are very helpful and supportive. I have many pals from lots of different servers that have been helpful and supportive as well. It was our turn to see what we can make of it and here goes nothing: Clan name: -={UF101}=-UltimateFighters 101 Tags in play: {UF}Ratgirl{101} **colors to not matter as long as written this way** Clan UO server: Clan forums: http://vf11.com/uf101 We do have vent and the info is on our forums but do to some issues there is a password on it as I guess they don't shut vents off when someone cancels the subscriptions so people can continue to use them for months down the road. Some folks thought that I was a hacker into vent..when I am paying for it..so there is a password. My xfire is: smileygirlnvt My email: [EMAIL="smileygirlfromvt@yahoo.com"]smileygirlfromvt@yahoo.com[/EMAIL] We play rifles only and all weapons pending on map/popularity/choice for the night etc. I am looking for anyone that is up for gaming. I want respectable gamers on or off my server. I don't want anyone in someone elses server being disrespectful with my tags. It's simple that's all I ask. Other than that come game have fun. I have my young son on there sometimes gaming so keep language to a min but I'm not going to give too much grief as sometimes it happens but...if it's more so than I have another channel in vent for my "trucker mouths" hehe..I'll be there too so don't worry LOL Do visit my forums, server, xfire me or email me. I want to create a great fun team of gamers. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and hope to hear from you soon, Tonya Smileygirl AKA Ratgirl

**Oh, and a side note..please don't ask me if I'm a girl...I am for sure...I run into this alot...I have two kids and a bf. K. **LOL