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#1 14 years ago
[color=red]:VICTORY: IS RECRUITING 2 Leaders 2 Co-Leaders Members[/color]

NB. For Leader and Co-leaders I need at least one to have experience adminning a server...thanks :)

[color=black]I have a Website & Forums incorporating a members log in and a 16 slot server to start. Any takers please feel free to get in contact via any of the methods listed or visit the website (Still under construction!) at ... [/color][color=red][color=red]http://cod-clan.aowc.net[/color] Or COD Server @[/color] [color=black]Look Forward To Hearing From ...well anyone :)[/color]


My XFIRE = [/color][color=red]vzephyr[/color] [color=black]My MSN = [/color][color=red]zephyr96@hotmail.co.uk[/color] [color=black]My AIM = [/color][color=red]viccln[/color][color=black] personal e-mail [email]z.ephyr@ntlworld.com[/email] clan e-mail [email]victory.clan@ntlworld.com[/email]