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15th June 2004

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#1 16 years ago

We are looking for CoD players. We are not in any competitions at the moment, but are looking for players so we can compete. Check us out on our server (information below) and out site (link is in the sig). (-W3rD-) CoD Server Location: Dallas, Tx Connection: 100Mbps Server IP: TeamSpeak2 IP: Merciless Mod v5 Beta: Gore (blood and body parts flying :eek: ) Shell Shock with nades(3 seconds) and bullets (.5 seconds) Updated nades (the timer starts when you click, not when you throw) Mortars here and there which is kinda fun :) Custom Weapons by (-W3rD-) includes: All rifles do only 100 damage so you must hit in the chest or above to kill with one shot. All weapons have a two hit melee attack (on those that have melee attack). Grenades do more damage in a greater range The speed is also upped a little for a little added fun. Check it out!