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ClanWebsiteheader44.png Collateral Damage Needs You!! About Our Clan: We are a competitive PS3/Xbox 360 exclusive multi gaming clan. We have been around since November 2010 and have our own community website and YouTube channel. We have around 50 members in the clan at present and are still growing. We are a Major League Gaming [MLG] / gamebattles [gb] registered gaming clan. We have teams in the European & North American Team ladders, with space to make more teams with new recruits. We mainly play COD Black Ops & Modern Warfare 3, but we also play Battlefield 3, Fifa 12 and Assassin’s Creed Revelations. Requirements to join Clan xCDx: • You must be aged 16 years or over. • You must own a mic. (A gaming headset is preferred.) • You must have computer access to check our clan website regularly for clan updates and events, and be an active member on the website. • If you apply to the clan, via the Recruitment page, you must read the clan rules fully, understand and follow them. • You must follow the clan structure and listen to your peers. For COD Players: • You must maintain a KDR of 1.00 or above at all times • You must have some skill on the COD games to be in the gb teams. • You are required to have a gamebattles.com account • You must be part of COD Elite to join the clan via COD Elite. (Paid or Free membership is fine.) • You will wear the clan tag [xCDx] at all times or risk being kicked from the clan. • You must attend clan practices & meetings weekly, for gb team members. What we offer to you: • A friendly close knit family style gaming clan. • The ability to help gamers get even better with weekly clan practices & meetings. • Access to our partner website, PlaystationWorld - The Front Page where you can register and find out new game reviews, trophy guides, fun nights and lots more. (If you sign up to PSW please use Ainger25uk as your Referrer.) • Going online and just owning in public matches, achieve better KDR during online games and unlocks for titles, emblems and weapons. • Access to our Elite clan title and clan tag through MW3 and Elite. • A fun clan to be with, yes we are competitive but we have a laugh doing it. • Matches with Ainger25uk are recorded via HD PVR and he can also edit montages for you if you ask him nicely. All that being said, if you like what you see and would like to be a part of a great gaming clan, Collateral Damage the head over to our website @ Collateral Damage: Clan xCDx - PSN - COD Recruitment and fill out a clan recruitment form. If you decide to apply, please say you were referred: Legendkiilla12, Clan Recruiter