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#1 16 years ago

Hi guys. I'm working on a mission pack for the original CoD, but the project is not developed enough to go into details at present. Before I embark upon the Crusade however, I'm interested in getting your opinion and assistance. My questions are:

1. Is it possible to introduce a medic squad member who'd heal the player and other soldiers, or at least make a FIRST AID point somewhere on the map where the player would take his squad to heal those poor, bullet- encumbered folks? Alternatively, can a script be added to the map file making the AI squad members pick up health packs? (admittedly one of the few cases where MoH beats CoD, sadly).

2. The map pack would follow a team of Polish AK soldiers. (Armia Krajowa- Polish resistance organization and guerilla force composed mainly of 12- 18 y.o. boys and girls, initially established as a support to anti-German activities in our country during WW2, turned out to be one of the key devices in disrupting communication, destroying military supplies of the occupant, and much more) Hence I'd like to create some models for Polish resistance fighters, female as well, together with new animation sequenses. Can it be done?

3. Is it humanly possible to implement civilians who'd run away or duck for cover when the firefight begins? It's not necessary, but IMHO adds to realism.

4. Custom sounds- obviously, I'd like my squad members to speak Polish with English subtitles. Can I make my fellow team members utter Polish sounds? Like Polish screams of agony and so on?

5. Scripted events- A street execution, soldiers surrendering and walking towards German troops with their hands raised only to be shot, a soldier throwing his grenade at a MG nest, the player being captured and interrogated by the Germans- these are only several occasions where I'd use them- would it work?

reasumming: 1. Medics? 2. New models and animations? 3. Custom AI Civilians for cutscenes and realism? 4. New character sounds? 5. Scripted events?

Having written all of the above, I come to think that the whole thing would make for a mod rather than a simple map pack. Don't matter, I'll get it done anyway =]. I'm mainly a map maker (Wolfenstein 3D (=]), Duke Nukem 3D (;P), Q1, HL, all the way through), but I roughly know how to make models and skins. Anyway, whatever shape this one takes and depending on how much of what I want to do can be actually brought to life, I'mna create a web page on the project. Expect the adress to appear (sooner or later).

Thank you very much if you're still reading this, feel free to adress my questions with whatever attitude you intend. And have a GOOD DAY.