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#1 14 years ago

Hi everyone, Well we havn't seemed very active latley but we've all been busy. Neale has started adding more detail and generally increasing the poly count to some of his models ready for CoD 2. I'd also like to announce the addition of a new member to our 3d art department - Fernan. He's currentley busy with exams but will start modelling for us soon. I'm also modelling for BFE now and i'm currentley working on a Cromwell MK IV tank which is going very well. I've done a pretty detailed chassis weighing in at 400 tris so i'll be able to add alot of detail. Over the past few weeks we've also been organising the mod a bit more and deciding what we're going to include and what we're not. One major thing we've decided on is that BFE is including singleplayer. We're also going to concentrate on envioronmental objects for our maps. Latley, i've put BFE on ModDB - you can see our profile here. I've put a few of our screenshots/renders up there. Another change has come to the forums - i've added a Development Showcase so we can show you our work in progress. Well that's about it for the moment, but check back later when we'll have some media to show off Wink Post from Ricko BFE mod leader