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14th October 2004

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#1 13 years ago

Recently I have contacted Sgthaarde, ISS Your Mom, and Calvin and Hobbes. So far I have only recieved a reply from haarde, but he is contacting Mr. Ifafudafi and we are in the process of creating a totaly new, total modern conversion for CoD:UO. I am working on the final? website as I speak, but a temporary forum with unlimited space is set up at Call of Duty Modern Warefare . We are in need of all types of editors, mappers and skinners being the primary need. Once I finish fixing this website, the address will be the same ( unless I give further notice. Some of the new things I wish to include are: underslung grenade launchers (M203/GP25), Flash-bangs), laser-guided rockets? and much more, including all new scripts and a totaly new realism mod. If you wish to apply, please visit the website and post in the forums. I am in the process of contacting Apoc. to work with us on this great mod. No content will be used in this mod that has been previously used in other mods, excep some of Bloodlust's scripts. I have recieved permission to use his scripts, with credit.