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27th May 2004

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#1 14 years ago

hey all

Im looking to start up a new total conversion for COD : UO, Pacific Vengeance. As the name says the mod is set in the pacific theatre where you start as a marine stationed at pearl harbour wehn it is attacked by the japanese, then as a survivor you become a guard for a najavo windtalker (coder talkers in the pacific) and the rest rights itself.

In the new campaign there will be no health apcks, instead you will have to call a medic over to heal you.

heres some new things : American Marines Weapons thompson with 50 barrel magazine bayonets bangladores M2-2 Flamethrower

Vechiles Battleships Jeeps more things

Japanese Imperial Army I havent done any research for this side yet but I soon will

To make the mod we need the following team :

Weapon modellers (2 - 4) Player modellers (2) Vehicle modellers (2) Player skinners (2 - 3) Skinners (2 -5) Coders and exporters (3 - 4) Mappers (3 - 4) Prefab designers (2) Voice actors (2) - american accent, another who can speak japanese (must be of good age) Historical background (1) Web designers (1) Artwork / Photoshop Users (1) and anything else I forgot

anyone who wants to help post below or email me at [email=""][/email] or talk to me on msn [email=""][/email]

I have alot of the new sounds and voices and organize some skinning not much hardly any.

so come on guys this could be an awsome mod help out!