Does anyone knows a nice tutorial on doing a sound mod? -1 reply

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27th May 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hey people, I'm new to these forums. I want to create a sound mod with sounds extracted from alot of movies and games (like The Longest Day, Saving Private Ryan, Medal of Honor, Band of Brothers, Day of Defeat). So i watched alot of mods, looking how they did them. I'm using packscape for it. I found out that there has to be a "sound" folder and a "Weapons" folder, and in the Weapons folder maps like "bar" and "nagant". So after saving the file as User-Jurre.PK3, and starting up CoD, MY SOUNDS DID NOT WORK! THERE WERE JUST COD SOUNDS! So, I'm now asking a sound editing tutorial. Thanks in advance!!!!!! ps. Check the image, it might help.