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#1 13 years ago

Front Lines Modification, the WWII modification for call of duty is currently recruiting. Find the whole list of open jobs below: 2* mappers (experienced) 1* Coder (experienced) 1* Voice actor (15 +) 2* Modelers (3DS Max) 1* Website admin (PHP & HTML experience) For now thats all the open jobs available untill we lose any members. Please note: Before you apply with us make sure you fit in these requirements: 1) You are 14 or over 2) You don't moan when something is not right or you need to do something. 3) You are friendly to all members 4) You have MSN, AIM or XFIRE 5) You can speak proper english 6) You can do the work you applied for Ready to apply now? good! add my msn: [email][/email] also my aim is: Goldensoldier121 and Xfire is infernalz Please contact me asap. Also we are open for donations email me for details. :D Thanks, Goldensoldier