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These are the new info on Future Warfare for CoD2 Let's get right into it. In the year 2640, Earth was attacked by a race, known only to the humans as "Species 48." After 200 years of war and enormous losses on both sides, the human race prevailed, and drove Species 48 back into the depths of space. Now in the year 3005, the humans are under attack again, but this time by a far superior race, called Species 49. With the help of the nano technologies they found on Species 48's craft and weaponry, they now must fight '49 to save the outer colonies and Earth. It's up to you to decide who wins… DraVen, Sparks and I have begun mapping. These maps are being done in COD Radiant, as they can be converted over to the COD2 editor. Also, we have a new OFFICIAL forum up now, so please feel free to join and share your ideas and thoughts. (http://fw.c-c-studios.com/forums/index.php) And we are still looking for a texture artist, so if your interested, contact us via the forum. The new gametype in FW. As yet, I haven’t got a name for it, but the basic premise is that there are classes: Commander, Trooper, Medic, Engineer and Support. Class rundown: Commander: Can view the game from a top-down perspective issuing waypoints/objectives. Trooper: Basic troop, has 5 sets of weapons to choose from. Medic: Self-explanatory, has 2 sets of weapons to choose from. Engineer: Now we don’t know whether to have this class in or not, but if we do, it will have 1 set of weapons and be able to heal vehicles and buildings (what was that? Yes, buildings, now read on!). Support: Same problem as above but will be able to heal buildings at a slower rate and also drop ammo. Rough story - NEW GAMETYPE!!! Future Warfare is set in 3005, and earth and the outer colonies are being attacked by a yet unknown alien race. The Humans must defend these colonies, and earth, at all costs. The new gametype to be incorporated into FW will be a FPS/RTS mode where your engineers can build/repair buildings and you, commander, can issues orders from a top down view. FW will also include DM, CTF, and Team Games. SP is also being considered but will only be included if people show they would like to see it. So there you have it. If you have any ideas, please, let us know. SID