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#1 14 years ago

Hi everyone, Im Noob to this forum and pure Noob when it comes to modding. What I would like to ask is how could I go about making a gametype Mod to Call of Duty? What my clan has is our own 1v1 Ladder. We are currently using the TWL1v1.pk3 that TWL put out and it is ok, but I wanted to make some small adjustments and especially make the "Load" screen not say TWL_1v1 at the top. So key desires in order: 1. No TWL_BEL_1v1 Title at top of Load Screenie. 2. Have an FLGL title at top of Load Screenie. 3. Cookable grenades 4. Stun from nades and bashes (ShellShock) 5. FLGL Graphic on Load Map. Could I just chop into the current TWL 1v1 pk3 and change these things and if so how hard would it be? Any guidance would be appreciated as I am sure this is childs play to most of you Uber Modders :)