Make a Budapest Map! One of the forgotten Counter-Offensives fought In Hungary! -1 reply

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31st May 2004

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#1 16 years ago

This message is to any of those map-making geniuses out there. Although you did not fail to make maps of some of the major areas of conflict in Europe including: Berlin, Stalingrad, Kursk (although it was not snowing in the city during the 1943 summer offensive), and the Black Forest, you failed to include one of the cities which was the center of the most heated, but almost forgotten areas of German defense during the war: Budapest. Budapest in late 1944-45 was a slaughter fest for both its German defenders and Soviet attackers. Creating a map of the city might be difficult and may require need of an encyclopedia or online reference to aid in creating realistic building structures that are reminiscent of the ones which stood there during World War II. Budapest is a cultural city with many structures predating the 17th century. During the late 17 to 1800's it was a center of thought and Western refinement. During World War II, large German divisions were holed up in the city for over four months, a Second Stalingrad, and when they tried to push out, the Russians beat them back in overwhelming numbers. The Waffen SS tried to launch a counter offensive to relieve the city in February 1945 and to also defend their oil fields in Hungary, but failed to push through the iron hard defenses of the Soviets. Would really appreciate a map dedicated to the thousands of German and Soviets who lost thier lives fighting in Budapest. Come to think of it, did anyone make a map for Seelow Heights? This was one of the most bloody battles during WOrld War II too.


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