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27th May 2008

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#1 10 years ago

Okay this is my long list of mod requests for those of you how know how to make mods, but don't have ideas of what to make. Some are for UO some don't have to be.

A deployable BAR, (I saw a Bren & an FG42)

An SP Omaha Beach Level.

An anti-air BAR with the 40 round mag.

Change the British deployable MG from a 1919 browning to an anti-air 100 round Bren.

A scoped M1 Garand.(Yes they did exist)

A mod where the dead Germans drop pineapple grenades(I'm tired of throwing sticks.)

A de lisle carbine(That would be good for levels such as powcamp and the one in UO where you blow up the train.)

A silenced Pistol(Maybe a colt or a welrod)


The training level converted to MP.

An M10 tank destroyer

*starts daydreaming* A B17 on the ground for an MP and an SP level.

flyable planes, including the B17

A 50 cal. that can be carried around and deployed.

*wakes up*An American Half-track with a quad 50 cal.

A Sherman crocodile tank with a flame-thrower.

Lever action cowboy rifle.


micro uzi that replaces pistol

whew I'm tired I'll shut up now.