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26th February 2007

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#1 13 years ago

Hey guys! I finally released "backfire" (Or 'yamms' as I may rename it)! Backfire helps people manage their installed "mods" for games. It basically supports an unlimited amount of games if you take the take to add support. I could only add about 8 (I think) games because of what I own, but if you read the readme's and help files you should be able to create some VERY quickly. Anyway, you can download backfire here: Adelphos Pro Backfire - Another mod manager, Call of Duty 2 Downloads, Call of Duty 2 Modding

Note: I did not create a support file for COD2 (I dont own it), but COD and CODUO (Along with MOHAA, BT, SH) are supported.

Feel free to post questions and support files here!