need helpm also have a quesiton -1 reply

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26th January 2005

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#1 12 years ago

Know those all weapon mods? - allow fg42 as a selectiable weapon and so on? like this mod;27767

well i have that mod running, but i would like to tweek it a little (for my use, not giving it 2 other people)

i want to add the fg42 to the list- and a custom weapon i found - and i looked at the code of the mods that allow the fg42 selectable- and it makes no sense to me.. and even if it did i dont know how to add it to the other mod

so i want to add the fg42 to the list of that mod- and a custom gun i found

also i need to ask a stupid question here wat makes something compadable?

wat i mean is- the custom gun is only for uo- and will not work with cod1 i want to know why and if theres a way to make it work for cod1

ill check this tomorrow night

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