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31st December 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hello I am new to modding and i really want to create my own weapon, I dont know how to code and i dont think i will learn anytime soon, but i was wondering if someone could post a porgram that alows you to edit weapons, I just want to edit them not program them thats all ty...:confused: :confused: :confused: EX; take the german sniper rifle and make it look like chrom or somethin....


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#2 16 years ago

You don't necessarily need to know how the coding language works, as in C or C++ in which Call of Duty is written on the Quake3 engine. A good program to start working with Call of Duty models is Milkshape 3D(ms3d) . You will also need the Call of Duty tools which you can download at . It is under Drop Zone tab and it is called "Level Editor". Those are the basic things you will need to start modding Call of Duty.


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17th June 2004

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#3 16 years ago
EX; take the german sniper rifle and make it look like chrom or somethin....

Did you say make the sniper rifle CHROME? In order to do this you do not need to edit the model, you are merely editing the skin. See my post located at: This will help you find out how to skin the model to make it "chrome" or any color you want. If you are talking about modelling a new weapon or adding parts onto it, such as adding a scope onto an m1 garand or something then you will need either milkshape3D or 3DS Max, I suggest you get 3DS Max because it is much more reliable and easier to use. Hope this helps, Target Practice - Modern Warfare Black Hawk Down mod Leader -