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27th May 2004

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#1 14 years ago

hey all here is a new mod that has been started up. Freedom Battle so far we have 2 modellors, a mapper/scripter, weapon skinner and compiler, and a photoshop artist. we are still in need of members but ill have a few screenshots up soon here is what we have planned: Freedom Battle It is the year 2012, armies around the world have turned rogue and taken over there countries and disbanded into small pockets. The mercenaries aka. the rogue armies control several american cities including the Untited States Capital New York.

As the way people lived changed into a living hell, its a fight for survival. You and your fellow resistence members struggle everyday and night to sabotage and kill there mercenaries in New York City.

As you move around a huge life like remake of New York battle mercenaries with .222 rifles and Mac - 10 submachine guns, feel the intensity as the mercs throw gas grenades and pound you with machine gun fire.

The mod includes a huge city map, that will play off the entire singleplayer campagin where you hunt out mercenaires and blow up special buildings that supply recourses to the mercs and more importantly gunning things down!

One new feature in we are adding is Free Roam, where you are able to scout the entire city with your squad following behind not set to waypoints but to follow you and to think intelligently.

The Resistence A small widely spread resistence group formed to take out and sabotage mercenary bases. They specialise in Teamwork and explosives.

Weapons - Crosbow - A highly accurate powerful weapon, has a 5 round magazine, mounted with a long range scope - Mac 10 - a submachine gun with a small calibre bullet, high ratre of fire and standard acurracy. - Tauros - A shotgun that shoots slugs. has a magazine of 8 rounds - Jungle Falcon .357 - the standard sidearm used by the resistence, armed with a 8 round magazine, a huge bullet and high accuracy make it a precious weapon - Explosive Pack - A highly explosive bomb capable of demolishing entire buildings - molotov cocktail - A homemade fuel bomb that sets alight to anything - Gas Mask - used to protect you and your friends from gas attacks

Vechiles - Jeep with mounted .50cal - , like the standard jeep in the game except reskinned and with two more seats on the back where people can shoot off. - Oil tanker - , a tanker that you drive to a certain location and then blow up with explosives - bulldozer - , a bulldozer except with rienforeced armour and a machine gun The Mercenaries Small rogue military groups that have taken over cities across the united states and other countries around the world. With the loss of government funding the merc's stole every bit of remaining equipment they could find, since the army had overstocked gas grenades duing the "War against Terrorism" these are in plentiful supply for the mercenaries.

Weapons - M8 assualt weapon - A assualt machine gun that has a mounted red dot scope, armed with a light calibre bullet and high rate of fire makes it an overall good weapon. - SVD - A silenced sniper rifle with a huge calibre bullet makes it a formidable stealth weapon. - JackHammer Shotgun - A heavy shotgun that fires pellets. low accurarcy with wide spread great for narrow areas - Barreta M9 - The sidearm of mercenary forces 15 round clip with high accuracy and standard stopping power - Frag Grenade - An anti Infantry grenade that is great a clearing small confined spaces - Gas grenade - A grenade that blinds you and dulls your vision as well as harms you as you breathe it in. Vechiles - APC - A transpot where soldiers can sit on top and inside. The top riders can fire off it. - FAV (fast attack vechile) - A high speed vechile used in patrols, armed with a high calibre machine gun as well as armour peiarcing rounds - Heavy Vechile (too be thought of) The mod has a singleplayer campaign, and some new multiplayer maps.

we need

2 - modellors

4 - skinners

1 - importer / exporters

2 - mappers must be able to do scripting

anything else i forgot